Butoh dance & music interaction lab

After a short performance and introduction by Butho dancer Mayte Vaos (Spain/Sweden) and violinist Maria P. Rodrick (Sweden), you will have a chance to explore the interaction between Butho dance and Musical gesture. 

In a playful manner, we will guide you through the varied and complex ways in which music and movement can interact. 

Butoh Dance, an art form originated in Japan in the 1960s, develops techniques to learn to see the world from different points of view and understand how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are subject to distortions and persuasions. 

What is it that actually triggers us as humans to relate dance movements into music and musical gestures into movement? Why are the two so intimately linked to each other? How does movement affect my musical perception? How does music affect my perception of movement? Likewise, we will explore how changes in space, perspective and rhythm influence emotional perception, and affect the narrative of the pieces where movement and music interact.

Come as a musician or dancer. Musicians bring intrument (there is a piano that can be used). Dancers need no previous experience.

Danscentrum Syd
Bergsgatan 29

17.00 -19.00

Spelplatsen öppnar: 16.45

För: 18+
Antal platser: 20
Språk: Engelska 



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